4 thoughts on “Living Small and Room Sharing.

  1. Not Only Are You & Stephen Amazing Parents, But, You Always Make whatever Situation Comes Up, To WORK FOR YOU, You Are Both Such a Great Example Of That‼️ Life In Itself Is a Learning Experience Each Day, It’s Sacrifices, Challenges, & Uncertainty… but most of all, It’s SO Rewarding, Looking back and seeing how much you’ve all grown because of It ❤️ We Love you Both & Are SO Proud

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    1. Thank you so much for your wise comment. You are so right, life in itself is a learning experience! We love you too and appreciate your never ending support and enthusiasm for life! It’s inspiring!


    1. It’s from a little mom and pop antique shop in Oregon. I don’t think it’s there anymore. My grandma gave it to us as a wedding gift about 10 years ago! It originally came with the bench and three chairs, but I’ve since upgraded the chairs and kept the bench. If you are looking for something similar I’d suggest craigslist. Sometimes you can find local craftsman who are building these kinds of tables! You can search “farmhouse tables.” The chairs are from target! I hope that helps! Have a nice day!


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