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Wandering on Spring Break

Yesterday was our first official day of Spring break. Since we are homeschooling our schedule is usually pretty flexible. Some of you might wonder what kind of “homeschooling” are we doing? We’ve chosen to do more of a Waldorf inspired/ experiential learning/unschooling approach. After all this is Kindergarten. It should be fun, hands on, play based learning. That is my opinion anyways. So don’t take offense if you’ve chosen a different path for your own child. Every child is different!!!

One of the greatest things that I’ve found from homeschooling so far besides the flexibility of course, is that the younger two in this group get to benefit so much from all of the adventures and activities we do with our oldest little wildflower.

Comments I hear the most. “I don’t know how you do it.” I couldn’t do that with (child’s name).”  Sometimes I get a lot of eyebrows when I tell people, “we aren’t doing academics this year.” All of that aside, the MOST difficult parts of homeschooling are by far the pressure. Suddenly I’m in direct control of something that seems so monumental. As if being a mom isn’t hard enough, now I have to teach her to read and write and be responsible for her future academic success. EEK. The second hardest part is the obvious one. The chaos of having a one year old and a three year old, oh and a six year old. Some days I feel like a crazy person, ready to throw in the towel, other days I feel like a saint. Best mom ever, pat myself on the back. Usually these moments are fleeting, but I keep trudging on.  We are still working on finding our groove.

Yesterday Rogue was drawing a boat, it started to look more and more like a pirate ship. This is where I came up with the idea to go find a “pirate ship.” I knew of one that wasn’t too far away so we all woke up early, went through the turmoil of getting this circus out the door, and went on a little adventure. I didn’t have a lot of information on the place because it was pretty last minute and I didn’t plan well. I’m finding that some of our best adventures are spontaneous. Anywho, we ended up just breezing by the ships and finding a really cool place called the Ocean Institute. I will attempt to post a link to their page, but I’m new at this so bear with me. Obviously, we are very fortunate to be living and homeschooling in a place where we have a lot of fun things near by. If you live somewhere more rural or somewhere that’s not quite like SoCal, you can still homeschool/unschool/adventure! Yours will just be different from mine. Sometimes I wish I was out in the mountains, in the middle of no where. I wish my kids could run out the door and disappear into the woods like I did. Make forts, play in the mud, adventure, climb a tree or two. So we all have our things.

We paid $20 for the family to get into the Ocean Institute, so pretty cheap. This place wasn’t crowded and the employees were very informative and patient with the kids. It was great. I have never dissected a squid before, but that’s exactly what I found myself doing today….. with my children of course.

Homeschooling for Kindergarten is fun. Period. Kids this age are so curious and ready to explore. Learning is more fun when what you are doing is exciting and interesting. We’ve been to the Natural History Museum where we saw dinosaur fossils, we have seen a real space shuttle at the California Science Center, we stood next to the Redwoods and took in their vast size. We have a snail “farm.” Yes…. I said snail farm. Turns out they make great little pets (they are free after it rains). We garden, we run around barefoot in the yard and most importantly we do it together.

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4 thoughts on “Wandering on Spring Break

  1. Hi Kati! I met you at Linden Tree (my daughter is Siena). We have a very similar style of homeschooling. I call mine “unschooling with a waldorf twist” 🙂 Siena also has a fondness for bugs of all kinds- she made an entire snail village out of bark, rocks, and junk. She adores crickets, too. Loves to build playgrounds for them. Your family is adorbs!


    1. Hi Kristen! Thank you! I like that! Unschooling with a twist! The further we get into it, the more I’m finding I like an eclectic style of homeschooling! That’s awesome! I will have to tell Khloe Siena has snails too! See you soon!


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